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Deweys at Utah Heritage Foundation AwardsJon and Donna Dewey showing off their Heritage Award for the rehabilitation of their home on Princeton Avenue.As we bring Utah Heritage Foundation’s 47th year to a close, it’s difficult not to reflect on the tremendous leadership role the organization plays in making communities better places. From our founding in 1966, Utah Heritage Foundation has filled a void in advocating for great places and fostering a greater appreciation for our state’s historic architecture. Since day one, we’ve taken on the challenge of reversing the fortune of some of the state’s most derelict and unappreciated neighborhoods and structures. This has taken risk, faith, determination, hard work, and support.

We are appreciative to have had the outstanding support of so many people throughout the years. Your emotional, intellectual, and financial support is what allows Utah Heritage Foundation to take risks on new ideas that make a real difference and produce revenue. During 2013, we announced and continued building momentum on several impactful projects that have taken leadership and commitment, including:

  • Ownership and restoration of the Ladies’ Literary Club building on South Temple;
  • Rehabilitating the Preservation at Work Project House in the West Capitol Hill neighborhood and providing educational workshops on site;
  • Launching a second segment of the Thirst Fursday Historic Pub Crawl;
  • Shepherding the state’s first economic impact study of historic preservation to a successful conclusion and distributing its conclusions throughout the state to local decision-makers.

PAW-wrkshopAttendees of our second Preservation at Work Demonstration Workshop: Repairing Exterior Wood Features on Your Historic Home.Of particular note, the Preservation at Work Project House isn’t even complete yet and it’s already made noticeable change in West Capitol Hill. Located at 571 N. Pugsley Street (350 West), Utah Heritage Foundation is providing the rehabilitation funds, expertise, and project management to the property purchased by the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City. As rehabilitation has progressed, several interesting and well-attended workshops were held on site, giving participants a first-hand look at complex decision-making during a project and rehabilitation techniques. Many neighbors have stopped by to discuss the work and ask questions about how to do work at their property. In fact, two of the neighboring properties that Utah Heritage Foundation considered for the project house have undertaken their own rehabilitation projects since our arrival. The project house gives us a chance to also resolve a long-ignored or previously undiscovered property boundary issue.

Utah Heritage Foundation’s project at the Preservation at Work Project House has already leveraged positive economic and social change in a stabilizing neighborhood. The next step, securing a new homeowner and steward, will reach the summit of an exciting project sometime in early 2014. But we could have never done this alone. This project has several partners and could not have happened without the generous donations of labor and materials from local contractors and businesses.

We have more exciting, yet challenging opportunities ahead in 2014. In order to meet these head on, we need your generosity of thought and action through a year-end gift.

bluetea2013In April, Utah Heritage Foundation hosted the annual Blue Tea at the Ladies’ Literary Club.Through your donation, you help us create more value for the organization because it allows us to create the potential for real change. Not only does it ensure that Utah Heritage Foundation is there at critical moments to strategize, advocate, and educate about the benefits of preserving historic architecture, but we can keep our sights on the horizon, aiming for ever larger projects, victories, and returns on your investment.

During 2013, Utah Heritage Foundation provided services to over 24,000 people throughout the state. While we know there is a broad base of support for our mission, the cause needs investment for growth. Your one-time or monthly recurring gift to Utah Heritage Foundation makes a tangible difference in how our communities look now and in the future. We know you are being asked by many worthy organizations for your support, and that you get asked throughout the year. We made the conscious choice to only come to you once and hope that you appreciate our focused appeal and tangible results.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we ask for your support in growing the historic preservation movement in Utah through a year-end donation to Utah Heritage Foundation.


David Richardson, Chair, Board of Trustees

Kirk Huffaker, Executive Director

By making a donation today, you will be playing an important role in the future of UHF and Utah’s preservation movement.